Back at it! It’s been a couple weeks since the last edition, and they’ve been enjoyable ones at that. A couple weeks ago I headed out to Arkansas to do some bouldering at the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. I was blown away by the rock quality and quantity. I can’t wait to go back!


Corey crushing “Jeff’s Prow”







Hard moves and bullet orange stone. “Orb Weaver”. Photo: Oz Song

After that, I was lucky to have my brother come down for his first taste of the amazing bouldering in the Chattanooga area. The weather held out for some great days at the staple areas of Stone Fort and Rocktown. I was happy to put down a long term project “The White Face” at Stone Fort on Saturday. I’ve been playing with an experimental hangboard protocol and have been really happy with the results. The fingers are definitely feeling stronger and it seems to be a pretty sustainable system for long term development. I’m putting together a piece detailing the concepts, so be on the lookout for that.

The bouldering season is winding down, so it’s go time to try and put some final things down before the temperature rises, the harness goes on, and I get way too pumped and fall off holds I shouldn’t. I’m psyched! Let’s get into the bullet points.

The Bullet Points

Movement strategies, fractals, neurodevelopmental sequences, and how “opposite” patterns aren’t all that different. Cool stuff here.

Climbing is hard. If you recover well, you get stronger. If you don’t, you plateau or get hurt. This article detailed some implements that can be useful to optimize recovery and continue to improve.

I like deadlifts. That’s not a secret. I think a deadlift variation is one of the most effective movements a person can do for health and athletic performance. Kevin Cann breaks down two of the most popular variations.

The Brew


Bible Belt, Prairie Artisan Ales

A collaboration between Prairie and Evil Twin Brewing, this stout is inspired by Prairie’s Bomb! and Evil Twin’s Aun Mas’ Jesus Stout. Both are fantastic beers, so I was excited to try a spiritual blending of the two. It pours black with a brown head, and the aroma immediately starts to fill the room. The aroma is full of coffee, chocolate, licorice, and some smoke. The flavor is big, smoky, and roasty. Chocolate and coffee fill in the back middle of the flavor and a subtle heat is present after the swallow. For a 13% beer, the alcohol is very well hidden. This one is a winner.


That’s it for this week.

What’s Happening


Tactical Strength Challenge

We are hosting the Tactical Strength Challenge again at Scenic City Strength and Fitness! It will be held April 8th all around the world. Six weeks out! The three skills tested are a max powerlifting-style deadlift, strict pull-ups or flexed arm hangs depending on your division, and a 5 minute snatch test. It’s an awesome event and a lot of fun to push your limits and cheer on everyone else. If you’re interested, reach out to me ASAP so we can answer your questions and get your registered! You can register here.

Strongfirst Kettlebell User Course

I’m excited to announce that the Strongfirst Kettlebell User course is coming back to Chattanooga! On May 27, Senior SFG Delaine Ross will be at Scenic City Strength and Fitness for an 8 hour workshop breaking down fundamental kettlebell skills. These skills lay the foundation for a lifetime of effective kettlebell training, so this course is not to be missed. You can find more information here.

Nutrition, Performance, and Strength Coaching

If you’re interested in coaching, I can help. I offer strength training, Functional Movement Screen consulting, performance training, or some combination of these programs. I have three open spots for distance coaching, so if you are interested, please reach out ASAP. These spots will fill up. You can find more information here.

Mailing List

I’m playing around with a newsletter. It will contain article alerts, special content promotions, and offers exclusive to subscribers. You can sign up here if you’d like. It’s completely free.

I’m teaching two kettlebell classes at Scenic City Strength and Fitness.

An entry-level class that emphasizes the foundations of safe and effective kettlebell training is held Tuesdays at 6:15 pm. It’s only 10 bucks and spots will be limited to ensure a great experience. If you are in the Chattanooga area and have always been curious about trying out kettlebells, it’ll be tough to find a better opportunity.

I also teach a class for folks who are more familiar with kettlebells on Thursdays at the same time. We will dive into some more advanced kettlebell movements and concepts, and push the intensity up a bit more than Tuesday.

You can check out the calendar and register online for any of these classes here. Each class is 10$. Hurry, because the spots fill up fast.