Know your crux?

Let us help you find it… and crush it.

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Why we do it

Strength is a master quality

Many things, such as health, performance, and quality of life can be improved by improving strength.

Time is finite

We deliver efficient and effective programming to assist you in achieving your goals, without burning valuable time to be spent doing the things you love.

Safety is key

The qualified instruction reduces the risk of setbacks due to improper technique or equipment use.


Paul graduated from Purdue University (’12) with a B.Sc. in Movement and Sports Science. His training philosophy pulls concepts from hardstyle kettlebell training, Functional Movement Systems, over a decade of outdoor climbing experience, and many more years of additional athletic competition and training.

In addition, he is a Strength and Conditioning coach for Power Company Climbing, a rock-climbing performance coaching group.

The right program for you

Strength and conditioning coaching heavily influenced by the Hardstyle and Functional Movement Systems philosophies. Intelligent program design for demands ranging from everyday health to elite outdoor athletics. Strength improves so many qualities in life and athletic performance, and Crux Conditioning wants to help you develop that strength through coaching, instruction, sharing knowledge, or any other way possible.

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