Bullet Points and a Brew 4/11/16

Back in Chattanooga, back on track. I didn’t have a content piece last Friday due to being on vacation, but I’m back in town and plan on having one up this week, so stay tuned. I started a heavy press program today. The goal is a 40kg kettlebell press in 9 weeks. A half bodyweight press is one of my goals, so it’ll be nice if it works. I spent a good deal of time tweaking my plan to fit well with the endurance climbing training and the increased volume of sport climbing I plan to hit the next couple months, so it’ll be interesting to see how it all fits together. Here are your bullet points.

The Bullet Points

Olympic lifts are fantastic ways to build power. However, you may not be at a facility that allows them, or have a quality coach to guide you through those movements. This article provided some nice thoughts on power, why it’s different than pure strength, why it’s important, and some methods you can use to train it without O-lifting.

My wrists suck. I’ve been working on building some wrist mobility and stability for a variety of reasons in both climbing practice and strength training. This article broke down some simple wrist/finger strength biomechanics and provided a couple methods to work on wrist health and performance.

There are many different ways to get strong. Some ways work well for some, while other methods may be a better fit for others. Christian breaks down 4 different routes to get stronger. I thought this article was great because while it is written in regards to lifting, the principles pulled from this article can be applied many disciplines.

The Brew


Hoppy Sour Mosaic, by Almanac Beer Company

A final souvenir of being in a different distribution area last week. I brought home some other goodies, but plan on aging them a while. I’ve always wanted to try some of Almanac’s sours, and mosaic hops are great. Why not try a sour dry hopped with Mosaic? This beer had a great balance of fruity hops and a sharp tartness. Almost green apple-ish, but not an off flavor. It was an interesting blend of wine barrel, acidic tartness, and the mellow fruitiness of mosaic hops. The setting didn’t hurt either. 4.25/5.


I have two spots left for in-person or hybrid training. If you’re interested apply here.

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