Bullet Points and a Brew 4/18/16

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Not a whole of climbing got done this weekend, but took some time and finally got caught up with everything after vacation. Prepared for a good week (hopefully). Anyways, here’s your bullet points.

The Bullet Points

I was lucky enough to be taught the majority of my kettlebell skills by Fabio. He is a genius, incredibly strong person, and quite the character. In this article he goes into the details of finding your 1 rep max, and the difference between a 1 rep max and a PR. Yep, there’s a difference, and I never really thought about that until I read this article.

I always have used the grocery bag on the heel trick, but the front of the foot? Holy shit. Game changer.

Tim DiFrancesco is the physical therapist and strength coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. I recently stumbled across his blog and it’s a good one, which means I’ve got a lot of digging to do in his post history. This was a great, simple, and actionable article about some strategies to take in the off season to come back stronger, more resilient and ready to crush.

The Brew


El Paraiso Imperial Coffee Stout-Wicked Weed Brewing

I like stouts, and I like Wicked Weed Brewery. This is a good combo as stout season comes to a close. Pours black with a light brown head. Coffee and chocolate in the aroma, but very well blended. The coffee is more prominent, but doesn’t overpower the chocolate. Really nice aroma. Coffee, bittersweet chocolate and roasted malts all mingle together, and finishes with bittersweet chocolate. Mouthfeel isn’t super thick, but not thin either. Delicious stout.

Until next time.

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