Bullet Points and a Brew 3/14/16

Here it is. Installment #2 of Bullet Points and a Brew. The Rainpocalypse predicted for Chattanooga never quite seemed to happen this weekend, but it seemed to scare most folks out of climbing. I got a great training session in at TBA on Saturday, however. A bunch of folks were in there trying hard and the motivation was high. Tonight (Monday) Peak Fitness and Physical Therapy is holding an upper extremity injury prevention workshop. If you’re a climber and in the Chattanooga area, I would consider checking it out. I’m heading there and stoked to learn some things.

Bullet Points

Miguel Aragoncillo is a strength coach who works at Cressey Sports Performance, one of the top physical preparation centers in the country. He also brings a unique viewpoint into the field as a high-level breakdancer. This was a great article that dives deep into the concept of warming up.

It’s always a good idea to use scientific evidence of best practices to build your training philosophy. However, that doesn’t mean you should be stuck deciphering the next journal article as the only way to figure out how to move well. Play around with things, explore, and enjoy the incredible system that is your body.

“Life is not about being given all the answers, it’s about finding at least some of them out for ourselves.”

I like to use a Foam Roller as a quick “pre-warmup” sequence. I previously used it a lot more, but I have gravitated away from the roller being the “answer” to minor soft tissue issues, fascial quality, and a lot of other buzzwords you may have heard . There are some benefits, there are some drawbacks, and there are some misunderstandings. This article is here to help.

The Brew


Creature Comforts Athena Paradiso, with Cranberry, Rasberry, and Tart Cherry.

This was a crazy beer. I’ve never had one that pours as pink as this one does. The standard Athena is one of my favorite summer beers. It’s drinkable, refreshing, and lightly tart. This one has all of those characteristics: Lemon, wheat and a hint of tartness. The raspberries and cranberries subtly fuse with the base beer’s characteristics. You can taste just enough of the berries to know they’re there, but they aren’t overpowering. It is a really well balanced beer. I would have a preferred a bit more tart cherry presence, but this isn’t a huge negative. This is definitely a beer to seek out if you like the Berliner Weisse style. Creature Comforts has brewed another winner.

Hope you all enjoy the articles and have a great week!