Bullet Points and a Brew 3/7/16

Here’s one of the things I’m going to try and do semi regularly. To start the week off, I’ll share a few articles that I’ve recently enjoyed and will finish the post by reviewing a beer. Strange? Perhaps. Informative? I hope so. Will the beer be good? I definitely hope so.

Hopefully you all enjoyed the weekend. The weather is getting really nice. Even though the bouldering season is winding down, it’s nice to feel some hints of warmth outside. I spent the weekend in Nashville hanging around then headed up to Dayton on Sunday to try and tick off some unfinished business. No success, but when the day looks like it does above, it’s hard to have a bad day.

Bullet Points

Dean Somerset is a physical therapist and strength coach out of Canada. This is a HUGE exploration of the topic of mobility. I’m not even close to understanding or grasping all the concepts put forth in this article. I’m gonna keep reading it until I can. Check it out.

Not only does this apply to climbers, but a lot of these concepts could be applied to other sports/movement practices as well. Josh is a strength coach for the University of Georgia and wrote this fantastic article on some of the motor control elements of technical movement.

Scott Iardella is a former physical therapist and is a strength coach based out of South Florida. This article shares some of the facets of one of my favorite strength movements-the Kettlebell Strict Press.

The Brew

Avery Brewing Co. Vanilla Bean Stout


So I stumbled across this one a month or two ago at Beverage World. If you enjoy craft beer and live in Chattanooga, this is a store you need to check out. I was planning on sitting on this one for a while, but had some bourbon salmon for dinner and decided to crack it open. It pours like your normal stout, dark and with a beige head. Aromas of bourbon and some slight vanilla. Bourbon-heavy taste, but it’s not a bad thing. Hints of vanilla and caramel peek out as well. Pretty boozy, but not more than what you would expect with a 10% beer. A solid bourbon barrel aged stout. A little bit more balance between vanilla and bourbon would make this one a big winner.

That’s it for the inaugural installment of Bullet Points and a Brew.

Have a great week!