Bullet Points and a Brew 11/21/18

We’re a day away from Thanksgiving..psyched? I am. The holiday has always been one of my favorites after wrestling ended for me and I didn’t have to cut weight anymore. I’m going to be headed up to Indianapolis to enjoy some family and food. Wherever you are, I hope you’ve got plans of the same. The last week’s been great. Some rain closed out the work week, but it was a beautiful weekend of rock climbing in southeast Tennessee. While it does get dark sooner, a silver lining exists..it often means you’re treated to views like this on the hike out.

One thing I’ve noticed around Crux recently is a slight tweak that could improve your supine core drills. Make sure your neck isn’t doing work your core should be handling!


Let’s get into the bullet points.

The Bullet Points

The more I’ve been sport climbing as of late, I’ve realized harder routes aren’t going to feel easy. You’re going to be pumped, shit’s going to feel desperate, and success is more a matter of keeping it together instead of being so fit it feels easy..or at least that’s what it’s going to be like for me. Kris Hampton of Power Company Climbing digs into the skill of climbing well when the wheels are falling off, and some drills to cement that ability. Worth a read.

This article is a motivating piece by Sivan Fagan, detailing her strength training journey. She breaks down some concepts she’s learned, myths that have been busted for her, and has some thoughts for folks starting out or deep into the process of getting fitter, stronger, and improving themselves.

“By one famous estimation, most published research findings are false, and in projects designed to directly replicate landmark studies, replication rates of positive findings are often below 50% ”

We’ve been seeing a lot of traction in basing everything we do on what’s been shown in scientific literature. This is a good thing, and a practice that’s key to an intelligent direction towards your goals. However, you shouldn’t use just any scientific paper as concrete evidence. Bad science does happen, and unfortunately happens a lot. Greg Nuckols illustrates some flaws in scientific thinking or missteps in how papers are published that you should be on the lookout for. Evidence-based thinking is a good thing..but is your evidence actually solid evidence?

The Brew

Consider Yourself Hugged, by Prairie Artisan Ales

I’m a fan of big, savory stouts, and this caught my eye on a cold night. I’ve had coffee stouts and beer brewed with peanut butter, but a stout with peanut butter roasted coffee? (I’ve got no idea how they actually did that, by the way) Definitely had to snag one off the shelf. The beer pours black with a light brown head. A strong element of peanut butter is present in the aroma, with some roasty coffee. The peanut butter aroma is strong, but not overpowering. On the taste, a smoothly balanced stout rolls over the tongue. There’s some roastiness from the malts, a subtle bitterness from the coffee, and a savoriness from the peanut butter. It’s a fairly balanced blend of flavors all the way through. No one element overpowers the other, and honestly, I think a little more peanut butter would be interesting. However, the aroma of the the peanut butter contributes with each sip. The mouthfeel is fantastic. It’s a fairly medium bodied beer with a creamy texture. Soft carbonation throughout, with a long, savory finish. Another example of a well done beer by Prairie.

What’s on Tap for the Future

  • I’m excited to be hosting Betsy Collie, Senior StrongFirst Instructor, on January 12th for an 8-hour 1 day Kettlebell User Course. As an attendee, you’ll be taught the necessary skills, techniques, and principles of Kettlebell training that you’ll need to get stronger safely and effectively. If you are interested in more information, head here.


  • I have a few spots open for distance coaching. If you’re in the market for a customized training plan that could include strength training, nutrition consultation, sport specific technical work, or any combination thereof, send me an email regarding distance coaching to get started or learn more.


That’s it for this week. Enjoy the time with family, friends, and food!