Bullet Points and a Brew 11/04/16

Well, it’s been a month since I’ve posted one of these. I blame it on a combination of busyness, laziness, and forgetfulness. It’s been a good month. The Jiu-Jitsu tournament went well. I won my weight class in the no-gi division. In the gi division, I had a great first match until about 40 seconds left when I decided to attempt a move that turned out to be illegal and got disqualified. Oh well. I’ve been playing with some Olympic Lifting and ramping up my climbing training for the season that seems to never actually arrive. 80 degrees in November sucks. Hopefully your training is going well and the psyche is high. Maybe, just maybe, the climbing season is right around the corner. Let’s dive into some bullet points.

The Bullet Points

  • Kettlebell External/Internal Rotation Drill

I’m getting back to uploading a video every couple weeks detailing a kettlebell drill or ways to tighten up different kettlebell movements. This week, I talked about what has quickly become a staple in my movement prep. Check it out.

Shoulders and hips have the potential to be the most mobile joints in the body. This high degree of mobility means a higher chance of injuries and crap movement quality. Here are some simple and actionable tips to keep those joints moving well and feeling good.

BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are huge right now. What exactly are they? I enjoyed this informative piece that includes both the underlying science and practical advice concerning the introduction of Amino Acids into your nutritional strategy.

The Brew

20161024_221708.jpgOude Bae, Stillwater Artisanal Brewing

An interesting name, an interesting bottle, a fairly standard sour. Pours a red/purple with a thin head that fades quickly. A sharp tartness hits on the first sip and is quickly blunted by the Pinot Noir grapes the beer was aged with. A fairly good sour. If you find it, it’s worth trying, but I wouldn’t go seeking it out.






What’s Coming Up

Mailing List

I’m playing around with a newsletter. It will contain article alerts, special content promotions, and offers exclusive to subscribers. You can sign up here if you’d like. It’s completely free.

Nutrition, Performance, and Strength Coaching

If you’re interested in nutrition coaching or strength and performance training, I’ve got room for a couple more clients. More information here.

I’m teaching two kettlebell classes at Scenic City Strength and Fitness.

An entry-level class that emphasizes the foundations of safe and effective kettlebell training will be held Tuesday, November 8th, at 6 pm. It’s only 10 bucks and spots will be limited to ensure a great experience. If you’re in the Chattanoooga area and have always been curious about trying out kettlebells, it’ll be tough to find a better opportunity.

I’m also teaching a class on Thursday, the 10th for folks on who are more familiar with kettlebells. We will dive into some more advanced kettlebell movements and concepts, and push the intensity up a bit more than Tuesday.

You can register online for any of these classes here. Each class is 10$. Hurry, because the spots fill up fast.