Bullet Points and a Brew 12/20

Everyone enjoying the week leading up to Christmas? Clearly I am:

Deep in thought, and full of Christmas Cheer

It’s busy one for me. My priorities this week are finishing up some coaching things, getting a great week of coaching on the floor, finishing up some Christmas shopping, and getting a good week of training in. I was able to get out to Rocktown last Friday and finally figured out a piece of beta on one of my long-term projects. I’ve got a ways to go, but it was nice to have some progress and not feel like I was just banging my head against the boulder.

Let’s get into the bullet points.

The Bullet Points

Crazy schedules make super complicated training difficult to do. When life gets nuts, how do you get done what needs to be done? What do you cut to make your training plans lean yet still effective? Dean Somerset opens a window into his thought process.

Not quite an article, but chock full of some good information. Eric Cressey works with a large number of professional athletes. A majority of these athletes are baseball players with arms that are literally worth millions of dollars. When he puts out some information on arm care, I make sure I listen. “30 Days of Arm Care” was a series on social media he shared and finished up recently. I’ve included the hash tag link for twitter. You can also search the same hashtag on instagram. Look through it. It’s got some gems.

I’m a fan of Reddit. It’s a great way to learn things of all sorts. The Climbharder subreddit is packed full of information and discussion. This thread is full of insights, viewpoints, and discussion about the importance of technique, importance of strength, which one is more important, etc. Check it out.

The Brew


The Lizard of Koz, Founders Brewing Company

An Imperial Stout brewed with blueberries, chocolate, and vanilla, and then aged in bourbon barrels. It’s quite the beer. The Lizard of Koz pours black with a thick, bubbly tan head. Bourbon and chocolate fill the aroma. Chocolate, vanilla, and very prominent blueberry make up the flavor. A slight hint of bourbon is present, but the bourbon is surprisingly subtle considering how strong it was in the aroma. Mouthfeel wise, it’s very thick and savory, just how a dessert beer should be. Definitely a beer to share, as it’s a bit much after a glass, but one glass would be a great end to a great meal.




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