Bullet Points and a Brew 4/4/16

Well, I guess I can’t say that there is no climbable rock on Maui anymore. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to head out to a newly developed crag on Maui to do some sport climbing. Steep, cryptic climbing on bullet lava rock, with an incredible beach side setting. There was a constant breeze and the temps hovered around 70. It’s far enough out of the way that it’s never crowded. You drive right up to the crag and can camp there. I really don’t think it’d be possible to beat that. Just look at the picture above. Thanks to the Maui climbing community for being so welcoming and willing to share their climbing areas.

Steepness. Photo Zach Pezillo

The Bullet Points

Tony Gentilcore writes a lot. I read his articles a lot.I agree with him a lot. This article is no different. I just finished up a block of bottoms up kettlebell work and my shoulders feel more solid, less creaky, and I was able to sneak some residual grip and forearm work out of that cycle (which can be tricky for climbers, due to how we stress those aspects of strength so frequently). Bottoms up work can help with rotator cuff health, core stability, and a variety of other facets of performance. Start doing them.

Mike Robertson is a strength coach and the co-owner of IFAST, one of the top physical preparation facilities in the country. This article came out a while back when Mike was releasing a core training program. It’s in a bullet point format, and shares 27 nuggets of core performance gold. Well worth a read.

First things first. This is a forum post, not an article, and I have no way of vetting if this person really has the credentials he says he does (because the internet). Shih uses the tools of his profession as a Materials Science Engineer to analyze Friction Labs and other chalks. He finds some interesting things. I’ve always been skeptical about the hype, the insane price of the chalk, and the fact that you can pay them to be an “Ambassador.” Do you believe the hype? I’m not so sure that I do.

The Brew


Booming Rollers, Modern Times Beer

One of the best things about traveling is getting to see what you can find that’s not normally in your distribution area. I’ve heard good things about Modern Times and finally was able to find some. Booming Rollers is the perfect beachside IPA. Lots of Citra and Motueka hops add huge tropical fruit flavors, perfectly balanced by piney bitterness from centennial hops and some malt sweetness. Goes really well with being by a beach and seeing some, well, booming rollers.


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