Bullet Points and a Brew 5/9/16

As we break deeper into May, the heat and humidity are coming. This past weekend was tolerable though, and I had a great time getting into the bunkers at Foster Falls. Hope everyone else had a great weekend. Let’s get into it.

The Bullet Points

Greg Nuckols runs Strengtheory, a really interesting science-based view into strength training. He recently posted a great article detailing some finer points about goal setting. As we move into the summer, which is the training season for a low of sports, this article could help refine your approach to the future.

Kettlebell swings should not finish overhead. Period.

It’s been really cool to see the progression of nutrition knowledge provided in the climber commmunity. Remember the anorexic sport climbing days of the 90s? Neither do I, because I was 4 years old in 1993. I do remember hearing other folks talk about it. It seems the information on weight control for climbing is getting much more intelligent and safe. Here’s a great offering from Brian Rigby.

The Brew


Death, by Rivertown Brewery and Barrelhouse

A stout named Death, brewed with Ghost Peppers. Yeah, it was spicy. It also had some sweeter malts and a fair amount of alcohol heat mixed in with the heat from the peppers. It was pretty good. The Ghost Peppers weren’t very subtle, but they are Ghost peppers. They aren’t going to be subtle. An interesting stout to bring in the end of stout season.