Bullet Points and a Brew 7/4/16

Happy 4th, everybody. I hope the weekend has been full of fun, decompression, celebration,and time with friends and family. Before I go throw a bunch of meat on a grill tonight, I figured I’d put out some of the things I read and enjoyed recently. Let’s get into the bullet points.

The Bullet Points

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Josh the past couple years. We’re both passionate about kettlebell training, and both hold certifications in the same instructional organization (StrongFirst). He’s a strength coach for the University of Georgia in Athens (not a small school, that’s for sure). TrainingBeta interviewed him about his training philosophy. Josh covers some facets of his training approach and says some things that desperately need to be said in regards to climbing training, and honestly, training in general. It’s a good one. Check it out.

Eric Cressey works with high school, college, and professional athletes. He knows his stuff. This was a great article containing simple, effective, and actionable items to improve mobility.

Continuing with the movement quality thread, Tony Gentilcore shares some concepts that are often overlooked, or just misunderstood. Well worth your time to check this one out.

The Brew


Ad Idem, a collaboration beer by Wicked Weed Brewing and The Lost Abbey

I was in Asheville, NC friday night and took a bike tour to several breweries. The first stop was Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium, their sour and wild beer barrelhouse (in other words, heaven.) I sampled a multitude of fantastic beers, but this one outdid the rest. A fantastic fruit-forward peach aroma, with a flavor a perfect balance between juicy peaches and a dry, tart finish that is signature of many of Wicked Weed’s sours. Truly a world-class beer. If you find it, pick it up.

That’s it for this weeks BPB! Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

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