Bullet Points and a Brew 9/12/16

And here we are, heading into another week. I took a break from this series last week. I was in Asheville with some family members, touring breweries and getting mad at the TV during a Notre Dame football game. It’s that time of year again. Stoked football is back!  Training-wise, I’m settling into the last couple weeks before the TSC on October 1st (we’re hosting the event at SCSF) and a Jiu-Jitsu competition the following weekend. Along with all that, I’ve made an effort to get back into the climbing gym to start prepping for the upcoming season. The other day I went outside at noon and it wasn’t 90 degrees! That’s a good sign. It’ll be a busy week for me, maybe for you too, so here are some things for you to start the week with. Let’s get to the bullet points.

The Bullet Points

“If you lack something, and that supplement fulfills the need, then it feels like a competitive advantage. A performance octane boost, if you will.  It’s not. It’s simply filling a hole that otherwise should have been filled, authentically, through your eating, resting and regenerative behaviors.”

A fantastic piece by Gray Cook that examines some of the deeper philosophy concerning movement. I liked it.

Squats have a big “bang for your buck”, so any cue that helps one perform a safer and more effective squat is worth my time. Give this one a try next time your squatting and see how it feels.

If you’re like me, you like to do everything at once. I tend to jump around with my athletic and performance goals and find it hard to focus on one thing at a time. Because of that, I need to consider how a day, or a week, or a month all fit together. This article details some facets that are important when structuring your training.

The Brew


Even the Furies Wept, Orpheus Brewing

Orpheus Brewing is out of Atlanta Georgia. They aren’t huge, but they make some winners. This brew is a wild ale that was aged in wine barrels for 18 months. You get plenty of funk from the wild-ale style, some great wine characteristics from the wine barrels, and a gentle tartness. It’s not sharply sour, but blends the three “personalities” of the beer together quite nicely. It’s a good one!

That’s it for this week.

What’s Happening This Week

Nutrition, Performance, and Strength Coaching

If you’re interested in nutrition coaching or strength and performance training, I’ve got room for a couple more clients. Reach out to me via email or apply here. If you’re curious about what I do, check out my program offerings.

I’m teaching two kettlebell classes at Scenic City Strength and Fitness.

An entry-level class that emphasizes the foundations of safe and effective kettlebell training will be held Tuesday, September 13th, at 6 pm. It’s only 10 bucks and spots will be limited to ensure a great experience. If you’re in the Chattanoooga area and have always been curious about trying out kettlebells, it’ll be tough to find a better opportunity.

I’m also teaching a class on Thursday, the 15th for folks on who are more familiar with kettlebells. A good crew of our students at SCSF will be there and are training for the TSC in October. We will continue to refine the technique required for the TSC, and continue to build resilient and strong bodies. You can register online for any of these classes here. Each class is 10$. Hurry, because the spots fill up fast.

That’s it for this week. I’m going to try to put out a content piece sometime this week, so stay tuned.


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