Bullet Points and a Brew 9/27/16

A week and a day late, but it’s out. I’m getting started on the first week in our new facility. We’re putting stuff together and figuring out the flow of the whole space, but it should be really cool once everything’s dialed in.

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition had a great turn out at their Buy Your Own Boulderfield event and raised over 13 thousand dollars! It’s always awesome to see the community here in Chattanooga come out in full force to support the land acquisitions and climbing community in general. It was a great time. I donated a Kettlebell Class pack and some personal training sessions, so if you won those in the silent auction, make sure you reach out to me to get started! Let’s get into the bullet points.

The Bullet Points

In Case You Missed It

I wrote an article a week or so ago detailing some variations to add some challenge to the Kettlebell Armbar. It’s one of my favorite drills to build healthy shoulders, and these variations make the movement even more powerful. Check it out.

It still boggles my mind the confusion about shoulder position when hanging. Esther Smith provides some basic principles to follow to keep your shoulder musculature engaged and safe.

Do you know what foam rollers actually do? They’re useful, but maybe not in the way you think. Quinn Henoch, a physical therapist details some of the research and science underlying foam rolling, and the mechanisms behind certain mobility implements. Ignore the buzzwords floating around on the internet and dig into some facts.

Hey…wanna know a secret? Not a whole lot of people know this, but I’m a big fan of kettlebells! Seriously though, while I use kettlebells to improve a large amount of qualities, it’s important to understand that they are just one tool in a large toolbox. They are well suited for some movements and goals, but for other goals, a different tool may get you there faster. Chaining yourself to just one implement will impair your progress. This could mean kettlebells, barbells, cable machines, bosu balls, or shake weights. Have a large toolbox, and use it accordingly.

The Brew


Pompeon, Wicked Weed Brewing

This was an interesting one. A rum-barrel aged, sour pumpkin beer fermented with ginger. I was intrigued and figured I’d try it to get into the fall spirit. The rum balanced well with the pumpkin, and surprisingly, a sour pumpkin ale is a tasty combo. However, the ginger was a bit much. I’ve had a few beers with just a hint of ginger, and that’s fine. This was a little too overpowering for my taste, and left a fairly bad taste in my mouth. However, that could have been from watching Notre Dame lose to Duke. Who knows.




What’s Happening This Week

Mailing List

I’m playing around with a newsletter. It will contain article alerts, special content promotions, and offers exclusive to subscribers. You can sign up here if you’d like. It’s completely free.

Nutrition, Performance, and Strength Coaching

If you’re interested in nutrition coaching or strength and performance training, I’ve got room for a couple more clients. Reach out to me via email or apply here. If you’re curious about what I do, check out my program offerings.

I’m teaching two kettlebell classes at Scenic City Strength and Fitness.

An entry-level class that emphasizes the foundations of safe and effective kettlebell training will be held tonight, September 27th, at 6 pm. It’s only 10 bucks and spots will be limited to ensure a great experience. If you’re in the Chattanoooga area and have always been curious about trying out kettlebells, it’ll be tough to find a better opportunity.

I’m also teaching a class on Thursday, the 29th for folks on who are more familiar with kettlebells. A good crew of our students at SCSF will be there and are training for the TSC in October. We will continue to refine the technique required for the TSC, and continue to build resilient and strong bodies.

You can register online for any of these classes here. Each class is 10$. Hurry, because the spots fill up fast.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy it and the cooler temps that are (hopefully) on the way!