Bullet Points and a Brew 12/6/18

We’re nearing the end of the week, staring down the barrel of some more terrible conditions for climbing over the weekend. We seem to be getting into the rhythm of great temps during the week (currently sunny and low 40’s) and absolute garbage over the weekend. Frustrating, but oh well. We were able to take advantage of the previous weekend to do some construction and level up the facility here at Crux. Excited for the box full of campus rungs from Tension to arrive so we can start putting a new tool to use!

          Some new additions + a better layout for the back room

We’ve been working on some heavy getups for the past week or so, and a few folks have really benefitted from this cue as they work back down to the starting position. Maybe this will be helpful for you.

Let’s get into the bullet points..

The Bullet Points

“Don’t worry about the building you’re trying to construct. Instead, focus on putting the next brick in the right place, and then repeat. The building will take care of itself.”

This was a great article about a long learning process leading up to something quite impressive. There’s a bunch of concepts one can gain from this piece, from mental approaches, technical growth, and how to keep track of it all.

“The goal is not making generalities from the science (that’s what researchers do), but taking the findings and applying it to a specific individual (that’s what coaches and clinicians do).”

Stand up desks have grown in popularity over the last few years. The phrase “sitting is the new smoking” is also ubiquitous these days. Does the research support the use of Stand Up Desks? Is sitting really that bad? Dr. Stare digs into some research and provides some conclusions AND actionable information. Those are both good things.

The Fighter Pull Up Program (google it if you haven’t heard of it) is an incredibly effective way to increase the amount of pull ups that can be done. It can also be daunting and mentally challenging, not to mention physically demanding. Alex brings out some mental and performance tactics that can prove useful with this or other high repetition protocols.

The Brew

Bourbon Country Bramble Rye Barrel Stout (2018), Goose Island Beer Company

The Bourbon County line is storied (and some might argue that it’s overhyped). I’m always excited when I stumble across a variant I haven’t had before, and this one seemed like a good one as the nights continue to get colder. This beer pours black with a mocha head that quickly fades to a ring around the glass. There’s a nice carbonation on the pour..bubbles are easily audible. Whiskey and a jamminess are present in the aroma. Some definite berry undertones poke through. The taste is more of the aroma, with some whiskey and a nice element of rasberries and blackberries. It’s more on the fruity side, not tart. The carbonation is nice and lively on the tongue. Overall, it’s an interesting variant, and it’s always nice to check the box on a new one. I wouldn’t drink this one regularly, but it’s good.


That’s it for this installment. Catch you all next week.

What’s on Tap for the Future

  • I’m excited to be hosting Betsy Collie, Senior StrongFirst Instructor, on January 12th for an 8-hour 1 day Kettlebell User Course. As an attendee, you’ll be taught the necessary skills, techniques, and principles of Kettlebell training that you’ll need to get stronger safely and effectively. If you are interested in more information, head here.


  • I have a few spots open for distance coaching. If you’re in the market for a customized training plan that could include strength training, nutrition consultation, sport specific technical work, or any combination thereof, send me an email regarding distance coaching to get started or learn more.


  • If you’re in Chattanooga this season, and feel like stopping by Crux for a consultation, which could involve movement screening, program thoughts, or diving into some technique work on lifts you’re not familiar with or want to tighten up, please reach out. I’ve got some time and would love to assist. Contact me here.