Bullet Points and a Brew 5/16/16

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I was lucky enough to attend Yazoo Brewing’s Embrace the Funk Festival, a celebration of funky sour and wild beers, funky cheese, and all sorts of awesomeness. This was year two of attending and it did not disappoint. It was held at their Sour Barrelhouse, never before opened to some public. Barring some transportation mishaps, everyone got there and had a great time. I’ve got my week built out and am excited to coach, train, and have an all around great week. Let’s get to it.

A Funky Hoedown Indeed

The Bullet Points

This is one strange looking drill. I’m intrigued by this and am going to implement some of this into my training. Dr. Seedman is a great source of information, so there is merit in this movement. Anyone else want to try it out?

And the carb carousel continues. It’s good, it’s bad, it’s essential, it doesn’t matter. I could point you to 5 different articles contradicting each other posted in the last week alone. Nutrition is such an individual practice that blanket recommendations rarely work. IF you are interested in how carbohydrates affect athlete performance, this is a great read.

I’ve mentioned this principle fairly often on this site, and Eric gives a great brief overview in how to view cross-training specificity for climbing. Check it out.

In Case You Missed It


It’s not just a goofy press. Position is a great way to progress movements while still staying within a consistent training framework. I talk position and other methods to progress your training in last week’s post “Simplifying the Calculus of Progression.”

The Brew

beer_1195Alexander, by Rodenbach

First time brewed since 2000, I believe. Beverage World got a few and I was able to snag one. Gentle tartness with some cherry on the background. Well balanced and mellow. A good mixture of tart and sweet.