Bullet Points and a Brew 5/23/16

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It’s starting to get hot, but not too hot just yet. I was able to get a great day in at the Lizard Wall in the Little River Canyon on Saturday, even after waking up in a cloud. The endurance training has been paying off, and some routes are starting to go down. Let’s get into the articles.

The Bullet Points

Another great one from Nate over at Power Company Climbing. Nate dives into some of the ways we can hide behind our strengths. Instead of the standard “train your weakness” advice, he looks into some of the deeper facets of adhering to a particular style, being super dedicated to training, and other things. Check it out.

While I personally don’t lift for size, I understand the importance of the shoulder blade stabilizers. Scapula stabilizers are critical for overhead athletes (rock climbers, olympic weightlifters, people who like to lift heavy shit over their head). Here are some ways to train them.

The knees shouldn’t cave in during a squat. This has been a standard for a long time in the field of strength and conditioning. However, maybe it has a purpose. Zach Long, a physical therapist who works with athletes including Olympic Weightlifters, has some interesting ideas regarding knee valgus.

The Brew


Pirate Bomb, by Prairie Artisan Ales

I know it’s not stout season, but when you keep finding incredible stouts, you drink them. Or at least I do. The Pirate Bomb is Prairie’s Bomb! Stout (an incredible beer by itself) that has been aged in rum barrels. It Pours black with a thin, bubbly pale brown head. Aromas of chocolate, vanilla and some faint rum. Very smooth flavor that runs from chocolate to faint chile heat at the end. Very balanced and slightly boozy, but not in a bad way, especially for 14%. A very very good beer.

That wraps up this installment of Bullet Points and a Brew. Have a good week!