Bullet Points and a Brew 6/20/16

Well, it’s been a while. Schedule got crazy, I got busy, and honestly, I got lazy in regards to writing on here. Back on the ole wagon. This past weekend I headed up to the Red River Gorge, got stupid pumped, and also did some bouldering. A very enjoyable trip. Saw some new areas and had a great time. Let’s get into the Bullet Points.

Bouldering in 85 degrees to finish out an 8 pitch sport climbing day? Why not? The Bulldog (V8),Red River Gorge. Photo Cred: Alex Fiorenza

The Bullet Points

I just finished up presenting at a workshop at Peak Fitness and Physical Therapy, here in Chattanooga. We went over some fundamental kettlebell movements and had the opportunity to dig fairly deep. Allison Stowers, the Physical Therapist responsible for putting on these workshops, wrote up a recap of what we covered.

Moon Climbing posted this a while back, and I thought it was an interesting article. I bookmarked it, planned to put it in the next BPB installment, and three weeks(ish) later, here it is. It briefly talks about some Moon Board circuits. I believe the Moon Board is one of the greatest, if not the single greatest training tool one could use. The article also includes a great quote, which is one I need to hear again and again as I attempt to train endurance (successfully so far, I might add) in a bouldering gym. “Don`t run from the pump like a rabbit, don´t be afraid of it; accept it like a man and ride with it.”

Another BPB, another Steve Bechtel article. This resonated with me, as I am currently focusing on endurance while maintaining power, with the goal of being a real sport climber come fall. This piece contained great methods to calculate the training load of a session and ways to progress your training while minimizing guesswork.

Do you like science? I do. So does Strengtheory. This website does a killer job of translating takeaways and findings from research journals into actual english. While I enjoy reading journals and the like, it’s nice to get solid information that you don’t have to squint your brain to understand. This one dives into the science behind the soreness post-training, why it happens, and how you can minimize it to keep going hard. Enjoy

The Brew



Hive 56, by Allagash Brewing Company

It is 100% summer now. The dark stouts and porters are on hold at the moment (except for my homebrew Imperial Stout that I just put into secondary fermation for the next couple months). It’s now time for the lighter fare, including sours. This beer is a dark sour aged in giant oak tanks with wild honey from beehives owned by the brewery and brettanomyces. It pours dark brown with a foamy light beige head. Smells fruity with a hint of wine barrel. Subtle brett. Gently tart on the flavor with vinous characteristics. Not a whole lot of honey but delicious. Nice and refreshing on a hot summer day for a dark sour.

That’s it for this week’s BPB. I plan on having another piece out on friday. If I don’t, find a way to yell at me for being lazy.

Get better this week, one way or another.

My schedule has been cleared up for the summer, and I have two spots open for some training. If you’re interested, apply here. The spots will go fast.

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